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The Breathing Mattress

Premium Baby Mattress from Traeumeland. No.1 in Germany.100% made in Austria.

The number one priority of the mattress is to provide babies with a safe, healthy place to sleep. Air channels, 3D air cushion layers, special ventilation systems, and breathable materials create air circulation within the mattress. This in turn, prevents heat from building up, ensuring that your child does not overheat and sweat and creating the best possible sleep climate. Breathable materials and ventilation systems are especially important if your baby likes to roll over onto her tummy and sleep with her mouth and nose against the mattress.

Our sleep safety breathable mattress covers allow the benefits of a ventilated mattress core to truly unfold. Their special characteristics also eliminate the need for a non-breathable waterproof mattress protector. Air circulates freely, ensuring the best possible sleep climate, and baby's bed stays clean.

All mattresses are in 120cm x 60cm.

Mattress Cover
The patented sleep fresh and sleep safety mattress covers have special properties that make for the best possible sleep environment for your baby:
• Moisture is absorbed at the surface and does not penetrate into the mattress core.
• Sleep fresh + sleep safety remain completely breathable.
• As an added benefit, silver threads are woven into the sleep safety cover, giving it natural antibacterial properties.
• No need for airtight waterproof mattress protectors. The mattress core stays clean.
• Sleep fresh and sleep safety covers are removable, washable at 60°C, and suitable for machine drying.

Certified Quality from Germany & Austria
Oeko-Test is a German-language consumer magazine focused on environmental issues. Each month, Oeko-Test has as many as 1,000 products tested by independent institutions. One of our baby mattresses was also tested - and we're proud to say that it received the top grade of "sehr gut" (excellent).
Oeko-Tex Standard 100
This seal certifies that our products and materials are exceptionally well suited for use in baby's bed. All of our mattresses are class 1 certified (for babies). The limit values in this class are especially stringent.
The "LGA tested for harmful substances" certification from the Landesgewerbeanstalt (State Trade Institute) identifies mattress foams with low levels of off-gas emissions and harmful substances.
The medically tested and tested for toxins seal of the Fördergemeinschaft körperverträglicher Textilien (FKT) identifies body-friendly textiles from which no substances detach that could irritate the skin or harm the body's health. This certificate is valid for the mattress cover.

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